Police Book Compliance is Automatic!

  • 1 Record WHO you bought from
  • 2 Record WHAT you bought (vehicle)
  • 3 Record WHO you sold to

Inventory Control is an automatic bi-product. With valuable reports to help you track:

  • 1 Computer Printed Police Book
  • 2 Expenses & Profit
  • 3 Buyers & Sellers
  • 4 On-Hand Inventory

Everything you need to effectively manage your inventory is built-in.

STOP Handwriting Your Police Book NOW!

Avoid Being Fined or Shut Down

Michigan Police BookTM not only helps you run your business but
keeps you in Compliance with State Law.
Get Protected TODAY!

Inventory Browser Screen Sample

  • Know what you have in units and dollars

  • Manage your data on any device from anywhere

  • Search and Sort a dozen ways

  • Unlimited number of records and users

  • Available and Sold inventory display

  • Purchased and Sold inventory trending

  • Easy and Automatic data filtering


Inventory Detail Screen

  • Add and manage inventory from anywhere

  • Automatic numbering and tracking

  • Every detail about every vehicle

  • Shows Cost, Price, Expenses, and Profit

  • All Bought From and Sold To details

  • Multiple Sold To and Broker tracking

Powerful Tools to Help You Analyze
Your Inventory & Sales

Just 1 Click Tells You...

  • How Many On Hand

  • Average Age in Days

  • Average Expenses Added

  • Total Inventory Investment

  • Average Sale Amount

  • Total $ Sales

  • Average Vehicle Profit

  • Total Profit

  • How Many of Each Make Sold

  • All for the last 3 mos, 6 mos, Year-to-Date, or Last Year



  • Police Book by Stock #

  • Police Book by Purchase Date

  • Police Book On-Lot

  • Police Book Sold Inventory

  • Expense Details for this Vehicle

  • Inventory Expenses

  • Expense Details by Vendor

  • Expense Payment

  • Inventory Investment

  • Inventory On-Hand

  • Sold Vehicles

Prints Commonly Used
State Forms

Helpful Additional Products


VIN Scanners
Driver's License Scanners


A VIN Scanner from Genesys will make inputting your
Inventory a breeze and
ELIMINATE keyboard input MISTAKES!

  • NO more input errors!

  • NO more bounced paperwork due to inaccurate VIN

  • SAVE vehicle input time & money

  • SCANS VIN number right off the Title

Barcode Labels

Police Book makes it easy for you to print your own top quality Barcode
labels and vehicle information labels. Labels are pre-cut for easy peel.

  • 2 Different KeyTag Formats (front and back)

  • 3 Large VIN Barcodes &3 Med. VIN Barcodes

  • Vehicle Info Folder labels in several formats

  • Large VIN & Large Stock # Labels

  • QR codes to Dealership Website

Signing up for Michigan Police Book from Genesys Systems Inc. is one of the best decisions you'll ever make for your buisness.

We're the original Official Michigan Police Book Software, not a cheap knock off and not a side hustle. We are a Michigan company that's been serving Michigan car dealers for 38 years. It's what we do. It's all we do.

The entire Genesys team all works normal business hours and are dedicated to helping you stay compliant with the State of Michigan.

No others compare to our experience helping Michigan car dealers.
NO ONE even comes close!

Get us behind you and  on your team to stay compliant with the State of Michigan
and avoid the fines or even being shut down.

Don't settle for anything less, your business deserves this, your business needs this!